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How to Prepare for Your Citizenship Interview and Test

How the Law Office of Susan Pai Suggests that you Study for the Naturalization Test

Do not purchase any study materials.

Here is a link with access to study materials for the test.

You will need to study the Civics Testing Materials and the English Testing Materials. For the Civics Test study materials, you will see that the questions are all multiple choice.

To effectively study for the civics test, you should answer the question without looking at the answers provided. When you correctly answer a question you should ask yourself additional questions that are directly related to that question.

For example, if one of the questions is:

“What is the Highest Law of the Land?” The answer would be Constitution.

So then you would ask yourself additional questions regarding the constitution such as, “How to Change the Constitution?” the answer would be a Constitutional Amendment.

Then you would ask yourself, “How Many Amendments are in the Constitution?” The answer would be 23. “Which Amendments in the Constitution Make up the Bill of Rights?” The answer would be 1 through 10.

Then ask further related questions such as: “What Amendments have to do with Voting?”15, 19, 24, 26. “Which Amendment has to do with Abolishing Slavery?” The answer would be the 13th Amendment.

Another example: “What are the three branches of U.S. Government?” Judicial, Executive and Legislative. “What is the highest level of the Judicial Branch”? The Supreme Court of the United States. “Who is at the highest level of the Executive Branch of Government?” The President. “What happens if the President is unable to serve out of his term (due to death, impeachment, or resignation)?” The Vice-President takes over. “What happens if the Vice President is unable to serve?” Speaker of the House of Representatives. “Who or what advises the President?” The Cabinet. “What legislative branches make up Congress?” House of Representatives and the Senate. “How many Representatives in Congress are there?” 435. “Who is your Representative?” John Mica. “How many Senators are in Congress?” 100 “Who is your Senator?” Bill Nelson.

Another example to study for the Civics Test is: “What are the States Bordering Mexico?” California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

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