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Susan Pai is admitted to the Washington State Bar, not the Florida Bar Attorney Pai's Florida legal practice is limited exclusively to Immigration & Nationality law

Pricing Immigration Lawyers

  1. FLAT FEE. Anyone who has ever hired a family law attorney is likely going to be a advocate of flat fee pricing. Attorneys like the flat fee arrangement because, although far less money, it is administratively much easier, the money is paid up front and therefore there are far fewer collection issues. Clients are generally much happier with a flat fee arrangement.
  2. WHO IS WORKING FOR YOU. In my office, you will deal directly with me, the immigration attorney – not paralegals or legal secretaries.
  3. DON’T BE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY. Once you find a good attorney who is going to provide good value for you, let them do their job. Now that you have made the decision to hire an attorney after much thought and research, trust your decision and let the attorney do his or her job and let them do it in the best way they know how. 
  4. TRY TO GET A QUOTE OVER THE PHONE. Provide the following information to the lawyer. If you are documented, what is your status (e.g., B2 visa expiring March 1, 2023). If you are undocumented, did you come into the United States without inspection or did you overstay a valid visa? When did you enter the U.S. What is your short term immigration goal? What is your long term immigration goal?

Also ask what other costs would be. For example, filing fees with USCIS can be substantial. Ask if there are any extra costs billed by the attorney such as copies, Fedex, investigatory, etc.

FINAL THOUGHT. Look for a reputable law firm (large or small), or a good solo practitioner who is intelligent, organized, a hard worker, and not doing this job just for the money. In all cases, it’s always better to have a True Believer on your side. Remember, your attorney is going to be your advocate for many years to come. Cultivate a good relationship from the start. Good luck!

Florida Legislature Passes SB1718, anti-immigrant legislation