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Derivative US Citizenship

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If One of Your Parents is/was a U.S. Citizen, You Could Be a U.S. Citizen!

These are the questions a qualified immigration attorney will ask you to determine whether you are able to prove derivative citizenship:

1. Were your parents married either before your birth or afterwards?
2. Is your father’s name on your birth certificate?
3. What is your date of birth?
4. Did your mother ever become a U.S. Citizen?
5. Did your U.S. Citizen parent/s live in the United States for at least 10 years or 5 years (depending upon how old you are), and how many of those years living in the U.S. were between the ages of 14/16-28 years? How many after 14/16?
6. Was either parent in the U.S. military?
7. Did your U.S. Citizen parent/s ever take action to claim any rights or obligations to you? If yes, what?
8. Was there ever a court order regarding your U.S. Citizen parent’s relationship to you?
9. Did your U.S. Citizen parent/s ever agree to financially support you in writing or by court order?
10.Was the court ever involved in the relationship or support of your U.S. Citizen parent to you?