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jacksonville immigration lawyer susan pai discusses florida bill 1718

Immigration Lawyer Susan Pai Discusses Details of Florida Bill SB1718

The video above features immigration lawyer Susan Pai discussing Florida’s law SB1718 in English and Spanish. The conversation revolves around immigration enforcement issues in Florida and the need for action and involvement. Pai talks about the possibility of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and emphasizes new TPS will not likely pass this Congress. Additionally, the video covers topics such as traveling to and from Florida as a migrant and the use of the EAD (Employment Authorization Document). Pai also stresses the importance of advocacy. Finally, the Attorney Pai encourages viewers to take action and get their EAD if they don’t already have it.

Notes from the video:

  • The law has been passed by the Senate and the House in Florida and is expected to be signed by the Governor.
  • The law can affect anyone driving in or out of Florida, as they may face charges for having a person who illegally entered the U.S. in their vehicle.
  • Hospitals in Florida will be required to ask patients and parents of children about their immigration status.
  • Information about the immigration status of patients will be reported quarterly and annually to the governor and the state legislature.

Additional Information on SB1718 discussed by Attorney Pai in the video:

– 🏢 SB 1718 law in Florida will likely allow authorities to ask individuals suspected of being in the United States illegally for their immigration status.
– 🚔 Florida law enforcement agencies now in charge of anti-terrorism in Florida will also be involved in federal immigration enforcement under SB 1718
– 🚫 Individuals are not required to answer questions about their immigration status if asked by a hospital, but they should not lie if they do answer.
– 📄 Individuals waiting for asylum or any other process should ensure they have the proper work authorization documents (apply with the I-765 form).
– 💼 Employers can lose their business license for hiring people who do not have the proper authorization to work in the United States.
– 🔒 It is always illegal to lie about one’s citizenship status. Even if you have a green card, if you lie about being a citizen or vote, you can be deported.
– 🧬 After July 1st, individuals with “immigration holds” arrested for domestic violence or other crimes in Florida will be forced to submit DNA samples to the state.
– 💰 $12 million has been set aside for the governor to use to move asylum seekers from state to state, regardless of whether they are in Florida or not.
– 📰 The lawyer is explaining the discriminatory and radical nature of the SB1718 law, which she believes dilutes Florida anti-terrorism resources to engage in federal immigration enforcement.

– [💡] The lawyer is discussing the impact of a new law, SB 1718, in Florida that affects migrant workers.
– [👥] It is estimated the law will affect more than 300,000 undocumented farm workers in Florida

– SB 1718 is so broad, it will affect not only those who came illegally to the U.S., but those who came legally but do not have proper work authorization (like foreign nationals who are here on a visitor visa)
– [🚫] The lawyer rejects this law, and she believes it is unconstitutional and will be challenged in court.
– [👀] The lawyer thinks that the governor of Florida is using anti-immigrant sentiment for political gain.
– [👮] The lawyer explains that the Department of Justice could sue the state of Florida to stop the law, rather than the President by executive action.
– [👉] The lawyer advises that undocumented workers should secure work authorization before the law takes effect and that people should remain calm.
– 🤔 The law is being criticized by the people in the video and labeled as “veneno puro” (pure poison).
– 🤝 The speaker is urging people to call and share their opinions on the law, and they also talk about the importance of having specialized lawyers.
– 🙏 The people in the video express gratitude for the efforts of the lawyer and the importance of having the explanation in Spanish.
– 📚 The lawyer in the video seems to have expertise in this specific area of law and is explaining the law and its implications.

– 📰 Various organizations and religious leaders reject the tough immigration law in Florida because it would harm not only undocumented immigrants but foreign nationals who are here legally, U.S. citizen Floridians, and  Florida businesses.
– 🚫 Florida’s new SB1718 law tightens employment requirements, fines violators, and prohibits the use of driver’s licenses issued to undocumented immigrants in other states.
– 💼 The new law obliges businesses with more than 25 employees to use the E-Verify program to determine employees’ immigration status and requires hospitals and emergency departments that accept Medicaid to collect data on patients’ immigration status.
– 🚐 The transportation aspect criminalizes Floridians, including coaches, bus drivers, school chaperones, and small businesses that maintain the economy.
– 🧑‍💼 The Honduran community in Florida is in a panic due to the new law, and activists warn that Governor DeSantis is using migrants and trying to replicate the rhetoric of former President Trump.

Florida Legislature Passes SB1718, anti-immigrant legislation