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There is One Gaping Loophole Immigrant Vetting...

There is One Gaping Loophole Immigrant Vetting…

Current Vetting Process for Anyone Entering or Re-Entering the U.S. is Extreme…  Except for One Really. Big. Gaping. Loophole. Not unlike defense contractors who have to re-up their security clearance every few years, so do foreigners as they progress from […]

An Explanation of Expedited Removal

An Explanation of Expedited Removal

The Immigration Officer’s Expedited Removal is a final Deportation Order and is therefore executed without any further hearing, review, or the opportunity to even appear in front of an Immigration Judge. There are limited exceptions to being placed in the […]

How Do I Obtain a Refund of a U.S. Immigration Bond?

When an immigration bond is cancelled, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations, notifies the Debt Management Center and the obligor of the bond cancellation via a Notice – Immigration Bond Cancelled Form (I-391). Upon receipt […]