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Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration, So Far

I am a member of an invitation only group of about 2,000 of the best and brightest immigration attorneys in the nation.  These are a few of them. Karen Wolman Trump’s Executive Orders: Annotated List (A Comprehensive, Quick Reference Tool) Laurel Scott A […]

Trump's Ham Fisted Attempt to Ban Muslims Fails... Miserably

Trump’s Ham Fisted Attempt to Ban Muslims Fails… Miserably

This is just the beginning of a long series of court battles with the Trump Administration.   In writing it’s 9th Circuit Appellate Order (or shall I say, REBUKE) the 9th Circuit did not take the easy way out and […]

There is One Gaping Loophole Immigrant Vetting...

There is One Gaping Loophole Immigrant Vetting…

Current Vetting Process for Anyone Entering or Re-Entering the U.S. is Extreme…  Except for One Really. Big. Gaping. Loophole. Not unlike defense contractors who have to re-up their security clearance every few years, so do foreigners as they progress from […]

In America, the President is Not King & Immigration Officers are Not Judges

In America, the President is Not King & Immigration Officers are Not Judges

ROCKET NO DOCKET DEPORTATIONS Expedited Removal is a highly abridged process by which individuals who attempt to enter the U.S. without proper documents are summarily deported without the opportunity to present evidence (except what is on his or her person), call […]

Congressional Research Service Report “Executive Authority to Exclude Aliens”

The Congressional Research Service is the Non-Partisan Agency tasked with studying issues for members of Congress. On January 23, 2017 CRS published Executive Authority to Exclude Aliens [Non U.S. Citizens]: In Brief by Kate M. Manuel, Acting Section Research Manager Former […]

Judge Grants ACLU's Injunction Against Trump's Muslim Ban

Judge Grants ACLU’s Injunction Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

Update: January 30, 2017 at 2:47 am EST Immigration Agents Ignore Federal Judge’s Order, Blow Off 3 Members of Congress, and Make DHS Secretary John Kelly Look Like an Idiot Sunday was a day of strength for the Trump administration […]

President Obama Ends Cuban Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy

In a proper exercise of Executive Authority, President Obama announced today that the odd Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy applied to Cuban Refugees has ended. The Cuban Adjustment Act is now, half a decade after its passage, ubiquitously used not […]

2017: A View of Things to Come

Senator Jeff Sessions has studiously maintained a time line of hundreds of actions the Trump appointed U.S. Attorney General states compose all the actions President Obama has taken from 2009 to 2015 to “bypass immigration enforcement.” Senator Sessions stopped maintaining the […]