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Trump's Ham Fisted Attempt to Ban Muslims Fails... Miserably

Trump’s Ham Fisted Attempt to Ban Muslims Fails… Miserably

This is just the beginning of a long series of court battles with the Trump Administration.   In writing it’s 9th Circuit Appellate Order (or shall I say, REBUKE) the 9th Circuit did not take the easy way out and […]

An Explanation of Expedited Removal

An Explanation of Expedited Removal

The Immigration Officer’s Expedited Removal is a final Deportation Order and is therefore executed without any further hearing, review, or the opportunity to even appear in front of an Immigration Judge. There are limited exceptions to being placed in the […]

In America, the President is Not King & Immigration Officers are Not Judges

In America, the President is Not King & Immigration Officers are Not Judges

ROCKET NO DOCKET DEPORTATIONS Expedited Removal is a highly abridged process by which individuals who attempt to enter the U.S. without proper documents are summarily deported without the opportunity to present evidence (except what is on his or her person), call […]

The Deadliest Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time

The Deadliest Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time

I’m an Immigration Lawyer because it is a terrible thing to hear indisputably rational terror in a father’s voice. This Little Syrian Boy: Here’s Who He Was   Syrian Refugee Crisis: Deadliest Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time         […]

President Obama Ends Cuban Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy

In a proper exercise of Executive Authority, President Obama announced today that the odd Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy applied to Cuban Refugees has ended. The Cuban Adjustment Act is now, half a decade after its passage, ubiquitously used not […]


Credibility Cases

Humanitarian Benefits and Services

Did you know that asylees are eligible for benefits and services such as job placement, English classes, and temporary cash assistance?  Many asylees are not aware of time-limited benefits and services available to them through the federal Office of Refugee […]

Withholding of Removal

Bars to Eligibility for Withholding of Removal An applicant is not eligible for withholding of removal if he: Is a persecutor; Has committed a serious nonpolitical crime outside the United States; There are reasonable grounds to believe the alien is […]

Haitian TPS

Haitian TPS

Temporary Immigration Status for Haitians Infomasyon pou Aplikan TPS Kreyol Ayisyen January 15, 2010 – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano extended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Haitians who were in the U.S. before this week’s devastating earthquake, allowing them to stay […]


January 6, 2010.  Regarding an Ethiopian Citizen’s Asylum Application. Ethiopian Citizen Stripped of His Citizenship Due Eritrean Ancestry. SUMMARY:   U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit orderd the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to review their  prior decision that petitioner must show “denationalization plus” in order to prove […]