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Additional Costs when Marrying a US Citizen

Medical Exam and Vaccinations – usually $300-$500

Full Background Check of Beneficiary in preparation for the application and the background check the government will conduct – $100 – $200

Full Background Check of Petitioner in preparation for the application –$100 to $200

The Background Check is important in order to identify potential issues with arrests, convictions, prior marriages, your current or prior names, and other issues that may delay or otherwise affect your application with the government.

Costs and Expenses include reimbursement for items such as color copies (about .50 cents/page), courier fees, certified mailing fees,  forensic videography (about $200-$400 per session; this will be required by the attorney in some “red flag” cases), and investigative fees (about $200-$400 per session; again this will be required by the attorney in some “red flag” cases).

Florida Legislature Passes SB1718, anti-immigrant legislation