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Fiance(e) Visa: K-1 Information and Questionnaire

Officers have great authority to reject K Visas at the Embassy. In fact, they are instructed to review the K-1 package and conduct the interview to assess whether or not the beneficiary will qualify for an immigrant visa (the Adjustment of Status/Greencard that we will apply for once you are married).

Therefore, when we are retained on a fiance/e case, we prepare most of the actual adjustment (Green Card) package even though we are not submitting it for the K-1 visa petition. We also spend a substantial amount of time preparing the interview packet and preparing for the fiance/e’s Embassy Interview.

Only about 15% of the total time devoted to a K Visa case is devoted to actual preparation of the K Visa forms… and that is nearly the last step in the process. Other attorneys and services do not take our comprehensive approach and this is why you can find attorneys and “forms preparers” who only charge $500 for a K Visa. If all you want to do is fill out the forms as soon as possible, you can probably do it yourself and save your $500.

Only if you want to take a comprehensive, long term approach which includes both interview preparation and anticipatory steps towards a successful Green Card application, should you consider retaining Attorney Pai.

Getting the K-visa from USCIS is easy. Getting it from the Embassy is the real test.

The filing fees to USCIS for a K-1 Visa are $340.

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