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Do Unlawfully Present Aliens Commit More Crimes than U.S. Citizens or Legal Immigrants?

The answer, by the numbers, is NO.

According to FBI and US Census, the numbers are as follows for 2011. 311,591,917 U.S. population. 10,266,737 violent and property crimes. U.S. crime rate of 3.3%.

2011 unlawfully present population 11,500,000. According to DHS, 2011 total criminal removals were 391,953. Unlawfully present population crime rate 3.4%.

I’m not a statistician or even good at math, but it looks about the same to me.

Actually, the 3.4% crime rate for unlawfully present aliens is artificially inflated. Here’s why. A criminal deportation can, and usually does, occur even when there is a nolo plea or even a dismissed case following, for example, the successful completion of a pre trial diversion program. Additionally, criminal removals for 2011 do NOT represent crimes that have been perpetrated by unlawfully present aliens in only 2011; rather a significant, if not majority, of crimes committed leading to deportation in 2011 would have occurred before 2011. 391,953 criminal removals encompasses many (sometimes a decade or more) worth of crimes but were acted upon in 2011 only because of DHS’s history breaking funding for enforcement in 2011.

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