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Case Evaluation

Please do not contact Attorney Pai about “bending the rules.” It is a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys to assist any person in providing false information to immigration officials. Fooling immigration officials is a very unwise path and something the Law Office of Susan Pai will never facilitate or participate in.

To proceed with representation, we will conduct a comprehensive case analysis. We will give you our honest opinion of your case. We do not take on frivolous matters or weak cases just to collect attorneys fees.

The fee for a full analysis of your case is $190.

Please call us at

(904) COURT-1-A

(904) 268-7812


Note: Attorney Pai does not provide “second opinions” for individuals who are already represented by an attorney. If you have requested that your lawyer withdraw from your case, please send us this request by email or fax 904-260-2603.