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Why the Senate Immigration Bill Must Pass NOW

Help pass immigration law to eliminate 1 yr deadline 2 file asylum, expand U Visa/Refugee Prgrms, protect laborers


Help pass immigration law reducing “extreme & extraordinary hardship” to much more reasonable “hardship” standard.


Help pass #immigration law that VASTLY reduces detention of people going through deportation proceedings.



Help pass #immigration law that offers due process to those in deportation proceedings including PUBLIC DEFENDERS


Help pass #immigration law that protects non-citizens from unknowingly or involuntarily agreeing to be deported. pic.twitter.com/cvQrolu0zx


Help pass #immigration law that keeps Masters/PhD students we educate in science, tech, engineering & math in the US


Help pass #immigration law that gives legal status 2 agricultural wrkrs & allows travel between US & native country


Help pass #immigration law that will give #Dreamers legal status, citizenship in 5 years, & get in state tuition.


Help pass #immigration law that will allow previously deported family members to be reunited with their family in the US


Florida Legislature Passes SB1718, anti-immigrant legislation