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Category: DREAMERS

ICE Union Officers Sue Secretary Napolitano re DACA

Crane vs. Napolitano is moving forward. However, it appears the decision is erroneous. Therefore, we are confident there will be a stay and appeal. http://www.lexisnexis.com/community/immigration-law/blogs/outside/archive/2013/01/26/ice-anti-daca-lawsuit-moves-forward-crane-v-napolitano.aspx

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Do I Need an Attorney to Apply for DREAM Deferred Action?

No, but you may need the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney in order to make an informed decision about whether and how to apply for DREAM Deferred Action. An experienced immigration attorney can help you devise a plan of action in the event Deferred Action ends.

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Florida Legislature Passes SB1718, anti-immigrant legislation