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I Media Visas

A foreign national who is a bona fide representative of foreign press, radio, film, or television or other foreign information media who seeks to enter the U.S. only to engage in such a capacity is eligible for I classification.

Reciprocity between the U.S. and the country in which the foreign media organization has its home office must exist in order to obtain I classification.

An I visa holder may be employed by a U.S. branch office or U.S. subsidiary of the foreign country provided that his or her activities are being conducted principally for the benefit of the foreign-based media.  The home office must be in a foreign country, otherwise the media representative must obtain an H-1B or L visa.

Validity Period:  Duration of Employment

Spouses and Dependents:  Spouses and unmarried dependents under 21 years of age who will accompany the I visa holder may attend school but are not permitted to work unless they otherwise indpendently quality.

U.S. Department of State:  Foreign Media, Press, Radio

Do I Qualify for an I Media Visa?

  1. Who will be your employer?
  2. Will your employer be a foreign company?  If so, what country?
  3. Will your employer be a U.S. affliiate or branch of that foreign company?
  4. How long will you be employed for?
  5. What will be your job duties
  6. Will your spouse/dependents accompany you?
  7. Will your spouse/dependents seek employment?
  8. Have you ever been denied a visa to the U.S. or denied entry to the U.S.?

It is very important to determine whether you actually qualify for an I Media visa, otherwise, you may fall into the L or H-1B category.  If you qualify for an H-1B, it is crucial that you apply as close to April 1, 2010 as possible, as those visa numbers are limited.

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