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susan pai-immigration attorneySusan Pai is the principal attorney at The Law Office of Susan Pai, PLLC. After attending the University of Southern California, University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Louisville and Nagoya University in Japan, Ms. Pai began her career as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the State of Washington.

She went on to become a Public Defender where she conducted major criminal matters such as second strike life without parole cases. Later, she was recruited by former Presidential Candidate, Patricia Schroeder (D, Colorado)  to become the Director of International Copyright Enforcement for the Association of American Publishers. In this capacity, she oversaw and conducted what is still believed to be the largest criminal raid in global publishing history on behalf of American and European book publishers. Attorney Pai went on to become one of the youngest corporate General Counsels in the United States, working with such DC notables as:

Attorney Pai also served as Senior Investigations Manager of Microsoft’s special investigations unit, the Financial Integrity Unit, and is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Attorney Pai is highly experienced in compliance matters at the workplace and ensures her clients are well educated in all visa compliance issues.
Attorney Pai’s many years of service to the public and corporate America in conjunction with her personal experience as a first generation American citizen serve her clients well.

Attorney Pai has successfully processed Family Based Petitions, Fiancee Visas, H-1Bs, H-1B1s, E-2s, E-3s, L-1As, L-1Bs, Os, Ps, and TNs. She has also submitted successful EB-1 petitions and has been asked to respond to RFEs for petitions she was not originally involved in.

Of the business based visas she has applied for, she has covered esoteric and novel points including applying for a cap-subject H1B visa concurrent to a cap-exempt H1B (after H1B master’s and non-master’s numbers were exhausted) and arguing successfully for a university affiliation for an otherwise cap-subject and previously denied petitioner.

Additionally, Attorney Pai has had great success in applications for extraordinary aliens, and outstanding researchers and professors. In another novel case, Attorney Pai petitioned for an L-1A that was previously changed to an L-1B and at the eve of the 5th year L-1B cap, successfully argued for a change back to an L-1A (without RFE).

Attorney Pai is a member of  the Washington State Bar Association.  Because she practices federal law exclusively, Attorney Pai is able to appear on immigration matters throughout the United States and at all U.S. Embassies and Consulates.

Attorney Pai also served on the Legal Panel for the ACLU, Northeast Chapter of Florida and has been elected by her peers as a Director for the Central Florida Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

Attorney Pai served the Central Florida Chapter of AILA as their CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Liaison.

Attorney Pai has volunteered extensively in her community and has been a featured speaker at anti-fraud training conferences, local schools and law schools. In her spare time, Attorney Pai enjoys spending time with her family and friends, surfing, martial arts, yoga, and firearms training.

Our law office makes a significant investment in the technology and tools necessary to provide you with a high quality of service. We also invest a significant amount of time and money in keeping abreast of the latest developments in immigration law.

We can help, no matter where you are.

Samples of Attorney Pai’s Work:

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