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How do I Scan and Upload Documents into the Case Management System

If you are my client (or even if you are not), please watch this video tutorial on how to scan and upload PDF documents to our case management system.

You need not buy a scanner.  You can use your Smart Phone to easily scan documents. Clients, please remember not to “save up” all your documents to submit all at once.  Scan and upload them as you get them.

The only documents that should be .jpg are photographs.  All documents should be in .pdf format.  All draft letters should be in Microsoft Word or a compatible format.

Please name the documents descriptively.  Good names include:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • John Birth Certificate
  • Mary Birth Certificate
  • John FDL

If you do not name your documents or name them all the same name, it will cost unnecessary hours on your case.  Bad names inlcude:

  • 1227384673409.pdf
  • sdlkfdsri.pdf

Calling all your documents the same name

  • img.jpg = Marriage Certificate
  • img.jpg = Birth Certificate
  • img.jpg = FDL
  • img.jpg = Joint Document

Watching the video tutorial at the beginning of the process will be very helpful to you throughout this arduous process.  You may refer to the video anytime you need help scanning and uploading documents to the case management system.

We invest in the latest technology to prepare your case.